"Vous quittez aujourd'hui la France Mais vous emportez tous nos voeux, Et deja vos succes heureux Partout sont applaudis d'avance. Sur le coeur de tous les mortels Votre gloire a jamais se fonde, Il n'est pas de pays au monde Ou le savoir n'ait des autels."

It is well that she is come under mamma's oversight." "The girl is almost indifferent to me!" said Otto. "Almost!" repeated Sophie. "But this almost, how many degrees of warmth does it contain? 'O Vérité! sont les autels et tes prêtres?" added she, and smiling raised her finger. "Time will show how much you are in error!" answered Otto with much calmness.

Is the hand of the master visible throughout? The scholar of Valence might be Guillaume des Autels, to whom with more certainty can be ascribed the authorship of a dull imitation of Rabelais, the History of Fanfreluche and Gaudichon, published in 1578, which, to say the least of it, is very much inferior to the fifth book.

'Plein d'éclat, plein de gloire, adoré des mortels, Il reçoit des honneurs qu'on ne doit qu'aux autels." A few days later, the Surintendant arrived at Angers, on his way to Nantes. Arnauld writes, that the Bishop of Angers and himself waited upon the great man to pay their respects. "From the height upon which he stood, all others seemed so far removed from him that he could not recognize them.