But I don't suppose you could buy a yard o' kaliker or a stitch o' finery within 50 miles o' this clayknob." "What we might do," said Si reflectively, "would be to give her her trowso futuriously, so to speak. We've just bin paid off, and hain't had no chance to spend our money, so that all the boys has some.

You want to recollect that word trowso. It's the elegant thing for a woman's wedding finery, and if you use it you'll save yourself from mentioning things that you don't know nothin' about, and probably oughtn't to mention. My sisters learned it to me. A girl who'd bin at boarding-school learned them." "Good idee," said Shorty, slapping his leg.

"for a regler 24-carat trowso which I have the pleasure o' putting in your lily-white hands, at the same time wishin' for the company, for you and your husband, all happiness and joy in your married 'life. No more, from yours truly."

Q very much wished to present you with a trou trou tro what is that blamed word, Si?" "Trowso," whispered Si "with a trowso," continued Shorty, "but circumstances and about 150 mile o' mud road over which we have no control prevented. "Trowso," prompted Si

Every one o' 'em 'll be glad to give a dollar, which you kin hand her in a little speech, tellin' her that we intended to present her with her trowso, but circumstances over which we had no control, mainly the distance to a milliner shop, prevented, but we would hereby present her with the means to git it whenever convenient, and she could satisfy herself much better by picking it out her ownself.