All this while, as Bawly was marching along through the woods with his soldier cap on, Susie and Jennie were playing party at the old stump. They had just eaten the last of the sweet-sour cookies, and drank the last thimbleful of the orange-lemonade when, all at once, what should happen but that a great big alligator crawled out of the bushes and made a jump for them! Dear me!

Mattock, directing her peculiar sweet-sour smile at the distinguished lady with the Times, said: "Perhaps you 've not had experience of them in London, Lady Bonington?" Lady Bonington, in answer, rustled. "Oh, do tell us about the slums, Mrs. Mattock!" cried Sybil. "Slumming must be splendid! It's so deadly here nothing but flannel petticoats." "The poor, my dear," began Mrs.

By leaving out the most part of spices, and putting in vinegar, a cupful to the quart of syrup, the result is a very piquant jelly, or more properly, fruit cheese. Sweet-Sour Pears: The pears must be ripe, but very firm. If large, pare and quarter, cutting out the core, stick a clove in each quarter, and drop as pared in cold ginger tea.

As her hand was on the knob of the screen door, Susan said: "Why don't you like Sam?" "Oh, I think he's stuck-up. He's been spoiled in the East." "Why, I don't see any sign of it." "You were too flattered by his talking to you," said Ruth, with a sweet-sour little laugh an asp of a sneer hid in a basket of flowers.

Tongue sweet-sour, and red cabbage! Renie, get on your things and " "Honest, if it wasn't too late I would telegraph him I ain't home." "Get on your things, Renie, and go right down to Rindley's for a roast. If you telephone they don't give you weight. This afternoon I go myself for the vegetables." Excitement purred in Mrs. Shongut's voice. "Hurry, Renie!"