Program Committee: J. Edward Swanstrom, Julian D. Fairchild and S.F. Rothschild. Transportation Committee: Herbert F. Gunnison, Frank E. O'Reilly and William Berri. The New York City building on the Model street, in which the evening reception was held, was elaborately decorated with colored lights, the word "Brooklyn" appearing in fairy lamps over the main doorway.

Hynes; Vice-President Berri, of the State Commission, and Mrs. Berri; Colonel William Hester; Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Swanstrom; Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Haff; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Peters; Mr. John B. Creighton; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Seamans; Dr. and Mrs. Henry Sanger Snow; Mr. and Mrs. Hiram R. Steele; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Griswold; Mr. and Mrs. J. Adolph Mollenhauer; Mr. and Mrs.

Louis, at times herself deceived by those she trusted, may look upon their like for once at least. Loyal to Brooklyn have been Grout, Swanstrom and Littleton, and thus inspired, has Brooklyn proved loyal to herself and faithful to her traditions. "Brooklyn is a gigantic borough. She is three times as large as Buffalo, the home of the Pan-American Exposition. She is twice as large as St.

Brooklyn's place at the table of the board of estimate was a commanding one with Swanstrom and Grout in their seats, and to-day her representation there is equally good. Mr. Grout is still there. In the place of Mr. Swanstrom sits Mr.

Executive Committee: Herbert F. Gunnison, Robert W. Haff, Timothy L. Woodruff, Julian D. Fairchild, J. Edward Swanstrom, S.F. Rothschild, James J. McCabe, Frank E. O'Reilly, John N. Harman and Thomas P. Peters. Entertainment Committee: Thomas P. Peters, James J. McCabe, James McLeer, Robert W. Haff and Timothy L. Woodruff.

Promptly at 11:30 A. M. the assemblage was called to order by Vice-President William Berri, who, in behalf of the State Commission, extended a cordial welcome to all present. He then called upon J. Edward Swanstrom, who made brief remarks in behalf of the Committee of One Hundred. At the conclusion of Mr. Swanstrom's remarks, Colonel William Hester was installed as permanent chairman.

To him the State Legislature listened, and his successor in that office found himself with something beside the shadow of power, and his administration was a marvel to Brooklyn in what it achieved. Other boroughs looked on in envy, while J. Edward Swanstrom set a pace so rapid that its like will be difficult to produce. Our first president, Mr.