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It is a matter of record that in the twentieth century the universal form of capital punishment was execution by electricity. In every state-prison stood the "death-chair," the visible embodiment of the moral force which the wrong-doer had defied, and which, in the ensuing struggle, had proved too strong for him.

“Why, if a man should shoot anotherhe said, “ and if he should do it on purpose and if the law took notice on’t, and if a jury should find him guilty, it would be likely to turn out a state-prison matter“It would so, sirreturned the attorney. “The law, gentlemen, is no respecter of persons in a free country.

I've nothin' agin learnin', but 't a'n't the best use you can make on 't to plough it in. The only way to promote the agriculteral interests of Essex County, Sir, is to keep the farmers jest as they are. Greek 'n' Latin a'n't state-prison offences, but they're sure death to pork 'n' potaters. Minute you edicate the farmers they'll be as uneasy as a toad under a harrow.

On the night of 5th June the prisoners were taken from their prison in the Hague and conveyed to the castle of Loevestein. This fortress, destined thenceforth to be famous in history and from its frequent use in after-times as a state-prison for men of similar constitutional views to those of Grotius and the Advocate to give its name to a political party, was a place of extraordinary strength.

Conversely, the name of the Syracusan prison, "stone-quarries" or latomiai , was transferred at an early period to the enlarged Roman state-prison, the -lautumiae-. Character of the Roman Law

The days being short, we were obliged to sleep at Dourlens; and, on our arrival at the castle, which is now, as it always has been, a state-prison, we were told it was so full, that it was absolutely impossible to lodge us, and that we had better apply to the Governor, for permission to sleep at an inn.

At the foot of the hill were statues, and among them a Pegasus, with wings outspread; and, a little beyond, the garden-front of the Pitti Palace, which looks a little less like a state-prison here, than as it fronts the street. Girls and children, and young men and old, were taking their pleasure in our neighborhood; and, just before us, a lady stood talking with her maid.

And Newgate needed some apostle of mercy to reduce the sum of human misery found there, to something like endurable proportions. We are told that at that date all the female prisoners were confined in what was afterwards known as the "untried side" of the jail, while the larger portion of the quadrangle was utilized as a state-prison.

"Well," said Achilles, "and should not the consciousness of the possibility of this fate render us cautious?" "Cautious men, if you will," answered Agelastes, "but not timid children." "Stone walls can hear," said the Follower, lowering his voice. "Dionysius the tyrant, I have read, had an ear which conveyed to him the secrets spoken within his state-prison at Syracuse."

No, it was not the recollection of the deed that saddened the brows of the potentates of the republic when they looked at the dismal Temple, but the recollection of him who was not yet dead, but who was still living as a captive in the gloomy state-prison of the republic.