A pot is made of the earth, and holds the things that come out of the earth to make life, that feed us and keep us. So on it, you should draw the symbols that stand for these things. At the foot of preceding page you see some of them. Snowflakes, the Sixfold Gems of Snowroba

He came back every morning, but saw Snowroba no more. One year from that day, as he lingered sadly over the sacred spot, he saw a new and wonderful flower come forth. Its bloom was of the tenderest violet blue, and it was full of expression. As he gazed, he saw those eyes again; the scalding tears dropped from his eyes, and burned its leaves into a blotched and brownish colour.

We know it is Hepatica, the child of El Sol and Snowroba. The Story of the White Dawnsinger or How the Bloodroot Came Have you noticed that there are no snow-white birds in our woods during summer? Mother Carey long ago made it a rule that all snow-white landbirds should go north, when the snow was gone in the springtime.

You have heard of the lovely Snowroba, white calm beautiful Snowroba, the daughter of King Jackfrost the Winter King, whose sad history was told in the first Tale. You remember how her robe was trimmed with white lace and crystal gems, each gem with six points and six facets and six angles, for that is one of the strange laws of the white Kingdom, the sixfold rule of gems.

"Who are you, oh radiant princess? I love you even before I hear you speak." "I am Snowroba, the daughter of the great King Jackfrost," she said. "I love you as I never loved any one. Will you marry me? I am the King of the Wonder-workers. I will make you the Queen."