Now suppose that bar of iron drawn backward by reins passing one on each side of your shoulders and held firmly between your scapulae; you could not go forward without almost breaking your neck, could you?

He could displace his muscles so that the lower angles of the scapulae projected and presented the appearance historically attributed to luxation of the scapula. Warren was well informed on surgical landmarks and had evidently been a close student of Sir Astley Cooper's classical illustrations of dislocations.

It will be noted that provision for weight bearing is so arranged that muscular energy is not required except in the matter of suspension of the body between the scapulae and here tonic impulses only are necessary to maintain an equilibrium , yet in every instance where weight is not supported by bones, inelastic ligaments or tendinous structures relieve the musculature of this constant strain.

The manner of attachment or connection between the ilia and the trunk is materially different from that of the scapulae, however, and the angles as formed by the long axes of the ilia in relation to the spinal column are maintained by two functionally antagonistic structures the sacrosciatic ligaments, and the abdominal muscles by means of the prepubian tendon.

The pelvic bones as a whole constitute the analogue of the scapulae with respect to their function as a part of the mechanism of locomotive and supportive apparatus of the horse.

Skinner did not certainly know if that immobile eye of his was glass something has changed it from a liquid brown to a serene and confident blue. That shoulder-blade is an extremely doubtful document, and I would like to put it side by side with the gnawed scapulae of a few of the commoner domestic animals before I admitted its humanity. And where were Skinner's boots, for example?

At fourteen she was burned over her breasts by running against a shovelful of hot coals, and several months later small tumors appeared, which never suppurated. When a young girl a tumor was removed from the front of her neck by operation, and cicatricial tumors then spread like a band encircling one-half her neck. There were keloids over her scapulae, which followed the application of blisters.

The platysma myoides, which is well developed on the neck, belongs to this system. Prof. Turner, of Edinburgh, has occasionally detected, as he informs me, muscular fasciculi in five different situations, namely in the axillae, near the scapulae, etc., all of which must be referred to the system of the panniculus. Prof.

Sarcomata, if allowed full progress, may attain great size. Plate 10 shows an enormous sarcoma of the buttocks in an adult negro. Fascial sarcomata are often seen of immense size. Senn shows a tumor of this variety which was situated between the scapulae.

According to the reports of her Majesty's surgeons, there are at the present time in India native Brahmins who hang themselves on sharp hooks placed in the flesh between the scapulae, and remain in this position without the least visible show of pain. In a similar manner they pierce the lips and cheeks with long pins and bore the tongue with a hot iron.