As they went away one of the ringmen says, 'Ten to one against Darkie. I lay Darkie. 'Done, says Starlight; 'will you do it in tens? 'All right, says the 'book'. 'I'll take you, says both the Dawsons, and he entered their names. They'd taken all they could get the night before at the hotel; and as no one knew anything about Darkie, and he had top weight, he hadn't many backers. Mr.

Here is a man, a regular toff, and no error a man who knows such Ringmen as Robinson and White and yet he will speak to ordinary coves without exhibiting the least pride! Jerry has taken me round to the best haunts where gallant sportsmen assemble, and for some mysterious reason, his escort has secured for me the most flattering deference. Queer holes he knows by the score.

You couldn't tire him, and he was just the same the end of the day as the beginning. If he hadn't fallen into Starlight's hands as a colt he'd have been a second-class racehorse, and wore out his life among touts and ringmen. He was better where he was. Off we went; what a ride we had that night! Just as well we'd fed and rested before we started, else we should never have held out.

He was introduced to all the nobs, and I saw him in the grand stand and the saddling-paddock, taking the odds in tens and fifties from the ringmen he'd brought a stiffish roll of notes with him and backing the Dawson stable right out. It turned out afterwards that he'd met them at an inn on the mountains, and helped them to doctor one of their leaders that had been griped.

"And is those the 'orses?" said Sarah. "They do seem small." The ringmen roared. "Not up to those on the 'ill, ma'am," said one. "Not such beautiful goers," said another. There were two or three false starts, and then, looking through a multitude of hats, Esther saw five or six thin greyhound-looking horses.

If he was not kind to the "bird-stuffers" as he called them, he was even less kind to the ringmen of the orchestra, the illustrious Kapellmeisters who toured the country to show off their flourishes and their dainty hands, those who exercised their virtuosity at the expense of the masters, tried hard to make the most familiar works unrecognizable, and turned somersaults through the hoop of the Symphony in C minor.