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More tears are secreted by association with the irritation of the nasal duct of the lacrymal sack, than the puncta lacrymalia can imbibe. Of the gout in the liver and stomach. I. The salival glands drink up a certain fluid from the circumfluent blood, and pour it into the mouth.

His pupils, contracted each to a dot, became the central puncta of two rings of fiery light; his little sharp teeth seemed to gnash.

XVI. 8; yet the quantity of tears secreted at once is more than the puncta lacrymalia can readily absorb; which shews that the motions occasioned by associations are frequently more energetic than the original motions, by which they were occasioned.

There was the famous Puncta, or diamond arrow, given by Duchess Beatrice's grandfather, Niccolo d'Este, to Francesco Sforza; and the Caduceus, a favourite device of the Moro's, wrought in large pearls, each of which was said to be worth 25,000 ducats; while the balass ruby, known as the Marone, often worn as a brooch by Beatrice, was valued at 10,000 ducats.

The lacrymal sack, with its puncta lacrymalia, and its nasal duct, is a complete gland; and is singular in this respect, that it neither derives its fluid from, nor disgorges it into the circulation.

In the former case, where the mouths of the cutaneous lymphatics become torpid or quiescent, the fluid secreted on the skin ceases to be absorbed, and erodes the skin by its saline acrimony, and produces eruptions termed herpes, the discharge from which is as salt, as the tears, which are secreted too fast to be reabsorbed, as in grief, or when the puncta lacrymalia are obstructed, and which running down the cheek redden and inflame the skin.

Thus far Gilbert has followed Roger almost literally. But he now adds, apparently upon his own responsibility, the following paragraph: Quod si placuerit, extrahe canellum: factis punctis in sutura ubi debent fieri antequan stringantur, inter duo puncta canellus extrahatur, et post puncta stringantur.

This animal absorption of fluid is almost visible to the naked eye in the action of the puncta lacrymalia; which imbibe the tears from the eye, and discharge them again into the nostrils.

These by frequent nictitation are diffused over the whole ball, and as the external angle of the eye in winking is closed sooner than the internal angle, the tears are gradually driven forwards, and downwards from the lacrymal gland to the puncta lacrymalia.

Thus the catarrhal humour from the nostrils of some, who ride in frosty weather; and the tears, which run down the cheeks of those, who have an obstruction of the puncta lacrymalia; and the ichor of those phagedenic ulcers, which are not attended with inflammation, are all instances of this circumstance.