"Too much murder yesterday no more murder!" shouted several voices at once. "Let the men come forward who speak," cried Cain with a withering look. No one obeyed this order. "Down, then, my men! and bring up Francisco." The whole of the pirate-crew hastened below, but with different intentions. Some were determined to seize Francisco, and hand him over to death others to protect him.

The time must come, he thought, when a beauty like that in a land of plain and drudgery-enslaved women, must bring for her something like a crisis. She was twenty-one and unawakened, but that the men about her should long allow her to remain so was as unlikely as that a pirate-crew would leave treasure unfought for.

The second mate was then appointed as the first, and the choice of the man to fill up the vacancy was left to the pirate-crew. For three days after this scene all was quiet and orderly on board of the pirate.

Hawkhurst perceived that he had lost ground, and he changed his manner. "I speak but for yourself: if you do not command this vessel I shall not remain in her: if you quit her, I quit also; and we must find another." Cain was pacified, and the subject was not renewed. "Turn the hands up," at last said the captain. The pirate-crew assembled aft.

The girl who attended upon Teresa, crouched on her knees with terror, had been casting her fearful eyes upon the men who composed the pirate-crew; suddenly she uttered a scream of delight as she discovered among them one that she well knew. He was a young man, about twenty-five years of age, with little or no beard.

The bishop and his niece looked round, the one proudly meeting the eye of Cain, although he felt that his hour was come; the other carefully avoiding his gaze, and glancing round to ascertain whether there were any other prisoners, and if so, if her betrothed was amongst them; but her eye discovered not what she sought it was met only by the bearded faces of the pirate-crew, and the blood which bespattered the deck.