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Nearly a hundred years have passed since the ship "Phil-a-del-phi-a" was burned. But the brave sailors who did it will never be for-got-ten. The people of Trip-o-li in Af-ri-ca were pirates. They took the ships of other nations at sea. They made slaves of their prisoners. The friends of these slaves sometimes sent money to buy their freedom.

He told him to come to see him again. He told the soldiers at his door to let Benezet come in when-ever he wished to. Soon after the Rev-o-lu-tion was over, Benezet was taken ill. When the people of Phil-a-del-phi-a heard that he was ill, they gathered in crowds about his house. Every-body loved him. Every-body wanted to know whether he was better or not.

But most of his life was passed in Phil-a-del-phi-a before the Rev-o-lu-tion. He was twenty-five years old when he became a school-teacher. He thought that he could do more good in teaching than in any other way. School-masters in his time were not like our teachers. Children were treated like little animals. In old times the school-master was a little king.

It was a part of what is now No-va Sco-ti-a. The people of A-ca-di-a were French. The English took the A-ca-di-ans away from their homes. They sent them to various places. Many families were divided. The poor A-ca-di-ans lost their homes and all that they had. Many hundreds of these people were sent to Phil-a-del-phi-a. Benezet became their friend.

It brought trouble to many people. Benezet helped as many as he could. After a while the British army took Phil-a-del-phi-a. They sent their soldiers to stay in the houses of the people. The people had to take care of the soldiers. This was very hard for the poor people. One day Benezet saw a poor woman. Her face showed that she was in trouble. "Friend, what is the matter?" Benezet said to her.

Some countries paid money to these pirates to let their ships go safe. Our country had trouble with the pirates. This trouble brought on a war. Our ships were sent to fight against Trip-o-li. One of the ships fighting against the pirates was called the "Phil-a-del-phi-a." One day she was chasing a ship of Trip-o-li. The "Phil-a-del-phi-a" ran on the rocks. The sailors could not get her off.

So he went to Phil-a-del-phi-a to study his art. After a while he sailed away to It-a-ly to see the pictures that great artists had painted. At last he settled in England. The King of England was at that time the king of this country too. The king liked West's pictures. West became the king's painter. He came to be the most famous painter in England. He liked to remember his boyish work.

At last the doctors said he could not get well. Then the people wished to see the good man once more. The doors were opened. The rooms and halls of his house were filled with people coming to say good-bye to Benezet, and going away again. When he was buried, it seemed as if all Phil-a-del-phi-a had come to his fu-ner-al. The rich and the poor, the black and the white, crowded the streets.