"'Well here, says the baccagh, 'open your purty gub, an' take in a thrifle of this male, an' you'll soon be stout enough. Well, to be sure, it bates the world! I had hardly tasted the male, whin I found myself as well as ever; bekase you know, mudher, that's the cure for it.

Phelim, however, wended his way to a little hazel copse, below the house, where he deliberately twined the halters together, and erected a swing-swang, with which he amused himself till hunger brought him to his dinner. "Phelim, you idle thief, what kep you away till now?" "Oh; mudher, mudher, gi' me a piece o' arran? "Why, here's the praties done for your dinner. What kep you?"

It's conthrairy to law," said the urchin; "an' if you'd touch them, I'd make my mudher sarve you wid a lattitat or fiery-flashes."

"Bekaise, mudher, the storm was in the fire* last night when I was rakin' it." * This is a singular phenomenon, which, so far as I am aware, has never yet been noticed by any Irish or Scotch writers when describing the habits and usages of the people in either country.

As one of the little ones ran out to fill his jug, he spied his mother and Owen approaching, on which, with the empty vessel in his hand, he flew towards them, his little features distorted by glee and ferocity, wildly mixed up together. "Oh mudher, mudher ha, ha, ha! don't come in yet; don't come in, Owen, till Jimmy un' huz, an' the Denisses, gets the bailie drownded.

"To be sure I could," said Phelim, "have her thumpin' her breast, and countin' her Padareens in no time. Would you wish me to have her, mudher?" "Throth an' I would, avick." "That 'ud never do," observed the father. "Sure you don't think she'd ever think of the likes o' Phelim?" "Don't make a goose of yourself, ould man," observed Phelim.

We're av the Corfuflies av Leatherum Laghy, my lady; but my grandmudher was a Dornyeen, an' my own mudher, plase yer haner, was o' the Shudhurthagans o' Ballymadoghy, my ladyship, Sladh anish, amuck bradagh!* be asy, can't you, an' me in conwersation wit the beauty o' the world that I'm spakin' to." * Be quiet now, you wicked pig.