She invanted bigger mash-in dan you? a mo' better corn-stubbl' destroyer and plant-corner?" He meant corn-planter. "She invant a more handier doubl'-action pea-vine rake? What she done mak' her so gran'? Naw, sir! She look fine in de face, yass; and dass all you know. Well, dass all right; dass de 'Cajun way pick 'em out by face. You begin 'Cajun way, for why you dawn't finish 'Cajun way?

The father looked with fond perplexity at the strong young shoulders swinging silently with his own, forward and backward in slow, monotonous strokes, and said again: "Well? Whass matter? Look like cat got yo' tongue. Makin' new mash-in?" Then in a low dissatisfied tone "I reckon somet'in' mighty curious." He repeated the last three words in the Acadian speech: "Tcheuque-chose bien tchurieux."

He laid one hand upon the table before him and the other upon the shoulder of his sitting companion: "Papa, if you want to go wid me to de city, we make one big enough for two mule'. Dass a mash-in' a new mash-in' my mash-in' my invention!" "Invench? What dat is invench?" Some one knocked on the door. Claude lifted the model, moved on tiptoe, and placed it softly under the bed.

"If that news come, 'accepted, all of us we'll be so please' that we'll be compel to egsprezz that in a joy-ride! and even if 'rifused, we'll need that joy-ride to swallow the indignation." "Ah! but with whose mash-in', so it won't put uz in bankrup'cy?" "With two mash-in' the two of Thorndyke-Smith! He's offer' to borrow me those whiles he's going to be accrozz the lake.