We feared that he would destroy it as he did Lyssa's tower." A wild hope stirred in Kennon. "We're going home," he announced. "Good." "And we're going to get a pair of radiation suits and then we're coming back. We'll have a good look at that Pit, and if what's in there is what I think it is" his face was a mixture of grimness and eagerness "we'll blow this whole operation off this planet!"

"I've told you a thousand times that the radiation on this ship must have affected Ulf and Lyssa's germ plasm. Can't you understand that?" "I can understand it all right, but it does not change things. Ulf and Lyssa may have been human before they came here, but they were not when they landed. They were Lani, and their children were Lani." "But they were of human stock."

With a muttered curse he rose to his feet, and as he did he stopped frozen staring at Copper as though he had never seen her before. "How did you say that Roga was judged responsible for Alexander coming here?" he demanded. "He went into Lyssa's tower where Ulf and Lyssa tried to call Heaven and with his foolish meddling set the tower alight with a glow that all could see.

And one quick look isn't going to bother whatever's down there." "That's what Roga the Foolish said when he opened Lyssa's tower. But he brought men to Flora. And your little look may bring an even greater calamity." Kennon shrugged, and started Walking toward the crater's edge. Copper followed.

He learned how the Lani grew in numbers and power, how they split into two warring groups over the theological point of whether Ulf or Lyssa was the principal deity, how Roga the Foolish opened Lyssa's tower to find out whether the Ulfians or Lyssans were right, and brought the Black Years to Flora.