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And you remember Emma Gordon, my dear, ath wath a'motht a mother to you? Of courthe you do; I needn't athk. Well! Emma, thee lotht her huthband.

"What!" shouted the girls. "I lotht it. I did. I wath emptying it when it fell down. But never mind, Mr. Januth will go down for it." The girls groaned. "Now you have done it," exclaimed Jane. "Whatever are we going to do without a frying-pan?" "I told you Mr. Januth ith going down after it," insisted Tommy. "No, Janus is not," answered the guide.

"I suppothe you won't thell your horse, Pendythe?" he said. "I'll give you five thou. for him. He ought never to have lotht; the beating won't help him with the handicappers a little bit." 'You carrion crow! thought George. "Thanks; he's not for sale," he answered. He went back to the stand, but at every step and in each face, he seemed to see the equation which now he could only solve with X2.

"Not on thith houtheboat," complained Tommy. "It keepeth me tired out all the time watching other folkth work. My boneth ache all night long, I am tho tired. When I get home I'll thleep for a month to make up for lotht time." "Had we better start now, Harriet?" asked the guardian. "Oh, mercy, no; The boys are up yet and perhaps out on the lake.

Had I struck just a little way to the right I think I should have been killed. You girls are fortunate that you didn't fall through the bridge. Was any of you hurt?" "Yeth, Jane lotht thome thkin from her nothe, but she can grow thome more, and it will thoon be better again." Tommy's reply drew a smile from her companions, but they were all too much disturbed to feel like indulging in merriment.

The fire was built up, flaring into the air just as Tommy uttered a scream. The scream was followed by a distant clatter. The girls jumped. For a second they thought Grace had fallen over, but great was their relief to see her standing a few feet from the edge of the precipice trying to peer over. "What is it, dear?" called the guardian. "Oh, I lotht the frying pan," wailed Tommy.