But perhaps her greatest beauty consisted in the half-soft, half-wild expression of her face, which, while it seemed to declare to the world that she was mild, gentle, and, for the most part, silent, gave a vague, doubtful promise of something that might be beyond, if only her nature were sufficiently awakened, creating a hope and mysterious longing for something more than might be expected from a girl brought up under the severe thraldom of Madame Charlotte Staubach, creating a hope, or perhaps it might be a fear.

The trade, in fact, developed a classification of beaver skins into soft and half-soft, green and half-green, wet and dry, and so on. Skins of good quality brought at Montreal from two to four livres per pound, and they averaged a little more than two pounds each. The normal cargo of a large canoe was forty packs of skins, each pack weighing about fifty pounds.

But one can see she has been hurt." "Well, if you ask me," said Lady Tranmore, in a low voice, "I think she deserved to be." Their eyes met, the girl's full of a half-smiling, half-soft consideration. Lady Tranmore, on the other hand, had flushed proudly, as though the mere mention of the matter to which she had referred had been galling to her.

"I asked him not to," said Rosamund, with her half-shrewd, half-soft look. "The fact is " She broke off, then continued, with her confidential air, "Dion, when you see Mr. Thrush I want you to tell me something truthfully. Will you?" "I'll try to. What is it?" "I want you to look at his nose " "Rosamund!" "No, really," she pursued, with great earnestness.