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Pica!" answered Don Cosme, pointing to his thorax, and smiling at the wry faces the major was making. "Wash it down, Senor, with a glass of this claret or here, Pepe! Is the Johannisberg cool yet? Bring it in, then. Perhaps you prefer champagne, Senores?" "Thank you; do not trouble yourself, Don Cosme." "No trouble, Capitan bring champagne. Here, Senor Coronel, try the guisado de pato."

He was half sitting, half-lying in his hammock, in the enjoyment of a husk cigar, and occasionally striking at the flies with his raw-hide whip. He called out to one of the women his wife for the time "Nina! I want to eat something is the guisado ready?" "Not yet," answered a voice from the hut. "Bring me a tortilla then, with chile Colorado."

The mulatto and zambo Manuel and Pepe were their respective names in half-an-hour after were ready for the road. Their preparations did not cost them half that time; but a quarter of an hour was spent on the guisado, and each smoked a husk cigarrito, while their horses were grinding up the half-dozen heads of green maize that had been thrown them.

Y cómo no quiere estar usted mala con ese maldito te que ha dado usted en tomar ahora en lugar del guisado y de la ensalada, que todo cristiano toma a semejantes horas.

These operations, which required no ordinary adroitness, were performed by Rosita with a skill that showed she was a practised "tortillera." When a sufficient number were piled upon the plate, Rosita desisted from her labour, and her mother having already "dished" the guisado, both commenced their repast, eating without knife, fork, or spoon.

"Nina, the guisado is cooked," said she, after lifting a portion of the stew on a wooden spoon, and examining it; "let us to dinner!" "Very well, mother," replied Rosita, rising from her loom; "I shall make the tortillas at once." Tortillas are only eaten warm that is, are fit only for eating when warm or fresh from the "comal."

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