At the Hotel de Ville of Bordeaux, they eulogize the 21st of January: "There was then a roar as frightful as it was general. A city official coolly replied to us: What would you have? To oppose anarchy we have been forced to join the aristocrats, and they rule." Guillon de Montleon, I., 305 and following pages. Buchez et Roux, XXVIII., 151.

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Letter by Reverchon: "These fanatics all want the Republic simply for themselves."... "They call themselves patriots only to cut the throats of their brethren and get rich." Guillon de Montleon, "Histoire de la ville de Lyons Pendant la Revolution III.", 166.

Despite the check at Reims, he was still so formidable that in March Duke Philip of Burgundy concluded with him the shameful treaty of Guillon, by which he purchased exemption from invasion by an enormous ransom and a promise of neutrality. Edward next turned towards Paris.

"A population of one hundred twenty thousand souls..... There are not amongst all these, one thousand five hundred patriots, even one thousand five hundred persons that one could spare." Guillon de Montleon, I., 355, 374. Guillon de Montleon, I., 342. "Archives des Affaires Etrangeres," vol. Archives Nationales, AF. II., 46.