"Do the avalanches ever bring rocks with them?" "No, not often; nothing but snow." "There!" says my guide, pointing to an object about as big as a good-sized fly, on the side of a distant mountain, "there's the auberge, on La Flegere, where we are going."

"But I have trained myself," she said. "I have been up the Brévent and Flégère. I am strong, stronger than I look." Michel Revailloud smiled. "Mademoiselle, I do not doubt you. A young lady who has enthusiasm is very hard to tire. It is not because of the difficulty of that rock-climb that I thought to suggest the Aiguille d'Argentière." Sylvia turned with some hesitation to the younger guide.

This sea of ice lies on an inclined plane, and all the blocks have a general downward curve. I told you yesterday that the lower part of the glacier, as seen from La Flegere, appeared covered with dirt. I saw to-day the reason for this. Although it was a sultry day in July, yet around the glacier a continual high wind was blowing, whirling the dust and debris of the sides upon it.

Denham sweeping down on Chamouni to carry you off, I am tempted to drive this mule straight over the brink of one of these precipices!" The girl leaned forward, looking at the rocky wall of the Flegere through an opening in the pines, and made no reply. "Miss Ruth," said Lynde, "I must speak!"

While descending the Flegere, Minna had a fall and sprained her ankle; the consequence of this was so painful as to deter us from any further adventures. We therefore saw ourselves forced to hasten on our journey home via Geneva.

It was about twelve o'clock, when we gained a bare board shanty as near the top of La Flegere as it is possible to go on mules.