This is he that is thy life, and the length of thy days, and without whom no true happiness can be had. Many there be that count this but a low thing; they desire to soar aloft, to fly into new notions, and to be broaching of new opinions, not counting themselves happy, except they can throw some new-found fangle, to be applauded for, among their novel-hearers.

But the most remarkable American peculiarity in regard to slang, or indeed in regard to any new fangle in language, is the quickness with which it is adopted, and comes, if not into general use, into general knowledge.

She is one, she knows not what herself if you ask her, but she is indeed one that has taken a toy at the fashion of religion, and is enamoured of the new fangle. She is a nonconformist in a close stomacher and ruff of Geneva print, and her purity consists much in her linen.

Again coarse and servile slaves of slaves, dressed up in various dazzling attires varieties of Generals wishing to distinguish themselves, or to earn the right to add one more little star, fingle fangle, or scrap of ribbon to their idiotic glaring get-up, or else from stupidity or carelessness again these miserable men have destroyed amid dreadful sufferings thousands of those honorable, kind, hard-working laborers who feed them.

This humility peculiarly fitted him to instruct the young, of whom he was very fond 'Nor do I blush, although I think some may Call me a baby, 'cause I with them play; I do 't to show them how each fingle fangle On which they doating are, their souls entangle; And, since at gravity they make a tush, My very beard I cast behind a bush. He had friends among the rich as well as the poor.