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That is the way to elevate to enoble domestic service. It must cease to be domestic service and become world service." Suddenly and quietly she sat down. Miss Eagerson was on her feet. So were others. "Madam President! Madam President!" resounded from several points at once. Madam Weatherstone Mrs. Thaddler no! yes they really were both on their feet.

Oh! but, say you, this was a young fellow of too low a rank of life to deserve so great a display. May be so: but was my condition, strictly considered, one jot more exalted? or, had I really been much above him, did not his capacity of giving such exquisite pleasure sufficiently raise and enoble him, to me, at least?

And than seythe the styward of the court to the lordes be name, N. of N. and nempnethe first the most enoble and the worthieste be name, and seythe, be zee redy with suche a nombre of white hors, for to serve the emperour, zoure sovereyn lord. And to another lord, he seythe, N. of N. be zee redy with suche a nombre, to serve zoure sovereyn lord. And so another, right so.

Ah! how much have you here to enoble, to refine, to educate; what great souls have expanded in an atmosphere laden with the breath of a long, never-dying line of poets, orators, sculptors and painters. Yes, Signor Castenelli, it is a noble heritage to be Roman-born." "Thanks, Signora Vernon, for your gracious tribute to my country.

'Twas gran'. Th' editor, it seems, Hinnissy, wint into th' editoryal rooms iv th' pa-aper an' he gathered th' force around him fr'm their reg'lar jobs in th' dhrug stores, an' says he, 'Gintlemen, he says, 'tell me ye'er plans f'r to enoble this here Christyan publication f'r to-day! he says.

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