She stepped aside with him, and as it so happened this brought them directly under the windows of Duo's apartments. "Great Ranee, you have been very kind to me," said the beggar, "and I wish to reward you. I know that for years you have desired to have a son, but that this wish has not been granted. Now listen!

Now as Dalim Kumar grew older he became very fond of a flock of pigeons that his father had given him, and he spent a great deal of time playing with them in the courtyard. They were so tame they would come at his call and light upon his head and shoulders. Sometimes they flew in through the windows of Duo's apartments which overlooked the courtyard.

Suo had forbidden her son to go to Duo's apartments, but he quite forgot this in his eagerness to regain his pets, and he at once ran up to the Ranee's apartments. Duo took him by the wrist and drew him into her room. "You shall have your pigeons again," said she, "but first there is something you must tell me." "What is it?" asked Dalim Kumar.

Surai Bai at once came behind Duo and began to arrange her hair. The child meanwhile kept close by her side. When Surai Bai had almost finished she managed to loosen the clasp of the necklace so that it slipped from Duo's neck and fell upon the floor.

But Len he'd saved Hong Duo's life in trouble in a dump in Placerville ol' Hangtown and the chink had clung to um like a burro to somethin' he's swiped from Camp. "Agin' that, too, the chink had money an' Len and me was broke. Fer a year he grubstaked us, and followed us around pocketin' up that a way, cookin' and such, and livin' for Len and Baby Jean.