For him it was no new conviction that his presence in any part of the world, from Africa to the steppes of Muscovy alike, was enough to dumfound people and impel them to insane self-oblivion. He called for his horse and rode to his quarters. Some forty Uhlans were drowned in the river, though boats were sent to their assistance. The majority struggled back to the bank from which they had started.

"It seems to me," said Cecile, "that Monsieur Simon has no right to be jealous of my affections." After which remark, uttered in a way to dumfound Simon, Cecile rose; the others made way for her and she went to her mother, who was just finishing her rubber of whist. "My dearest!" cried Madame Marion, hurrying after the heiress, "I think you are rather hard on my poor Simon."

This girl utterly dumfounded me, and in the conceit of youth I thought it strange that any girl could dumfound me. "What an interesting life you have had, to be sure!" "I have had?" "Yes, don't you know you've been talking in torrents for the past ten minutes? No? Do you forget?" and she laughed tremulously either from embarrassment, or cold.

"I seek neither conviction nor service at your hands," she answered. "Your courtesy dumfounds me, Mademoiselle!" "No less than does your insolence dumfound me," she retorted, with crimson cheeks. "Do you forget, sir, that I know you for what you are a gamester, a libertine, a duellist, the murderer of my brother?"

He invented the anemoscope and the air-balance, and being thus enabled to weight the air and note the changes that preceded storms and calms, he was able still further to dumfound his wondering fellow-Magde-burgers by more or less accurate predictions about the weather.

Harkless was an old and " He broke off, with a sudden, sharp choking, and for a moment was unable to control an emotion that seemed, for some reason, as surprising and unbefitting, in a person of his rubicund presence, as was his gravity. An astonished tear glittered in the corner of his eye. The grief of the gayer sorts of stout people appears, sometimes, to dumfound even themselves.