DCC. Latitudo inter duo promontoria, Hesperium, vulgo C. Verde, et Aromata, quod est juxta fauces Arabici sinus, vulgo nunc Coarda fui, mill. DL. Terra ipsa, nisi qua interno mari accedit, obscure veteribus nota. Vltra autem Nili fontes ac montes Luna prorsus incognita.

Farewell, dearest and most beloved master, whom I miss, I may say, more than Rome it~dL' 1 Ad M Caes., iv. 1. 2 ii. 14 3 iv. 5,6. 'MY BELOVED MASTER,-I am well. I slept a little more than usual for my slight cold, which seems to be well again.

He first adopted fifteen for the dividing sounds, but settled on twelve primary, the G and K being one, and sounding more like K than G, and D like T. These may be represented in English as G, H, L, M, N, QU, T, DL or TL, TS, W, Y, Z.

It was a subject of astonishment to scientific men that a language so copious only embraced eighty-five syllables. This is chiefly accounted for by the fact that every Cherokee syllable ends in a vocal or nasal sound, and that there are no double consonants but those provided for the TL or DL, and TS, and combinations of the hissing S, with a few consonants.

Worthington Smith gave a very favorable opinion, but it is doubtful whether it would ever be brought from Ceylon in sufficient quantities to meet a demand. Natural Order Bignoniaceae. Tecoma pentaphylla, Dl. A moderate-sized tree, native of the West Indies and Brazil. The wood is compact, very fine, and even grained, and much resembles box in general appearance.