Dalley's and I lost it, too, I was that ashamed I couldn't tell him. So we moved down here to this house, for I'd saved a little money, and grandaddy was pleased because he said it was a home of our own again, and he didn't seem to mind the water coming in on the bed. But the rent's awful dear, and the man that owns it he said he'd send me to jail if I didn't pay him next time.

Dalley's latest dining-room maid had served him with an air of cold reproach that almost gave that kind-hearted young man an attack of indigestion. He hurried away from the uncomfortable atmosphere, and found that his room-mate had gone out. He did not go to his books at once, but sat in their one easy-chair, his hands deep in his pockets, staring at his boots.

Dalley's, which is also that of most others, namely, that the nascent but increasing colonial navies should be all under one imperial command that is, be a part of the British navy. There is one more step namely, to dispose of all colonial military force in the same common-sense way, and then we have a politically united empire.

It was not safe to get caught in the full tide of Mrs. Dalley's talk, one might find a whole evening swept away by it. "Charles Stuart is so queer," she soliloquized. "I wonder what he's up to now." She tapped briskly upon a bedroom door at the head of the stairs, then shoved it open. A young woman with loose raiment, untidy hair, and a green shade over her eyes looked up from her studies.