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The plateau of Avron had to be evacuated. December 31. D'Alton-Shee paid a visit to me this morning. It appears that General Ducros wants to see me. Within three days the Prussians have sent us 12,000 shells. Yesterday I ate some rat, and then hiccoughed the following quatrain: O mesdames les hetaires Dans vos greniers, je me nourris: Moi qui mourais de vos sourires, Je vais vivre de vos souris.

The generals are asking me for commands, I am being asked to grant audiences, office-seekers are asking me for places. I reply: "I am nobody." I saw Captain Feval, husband of Fanny, the sister of Alice. * He was a prisoner of war, and was released on parole. * Wife of Charles Hugo. All the newspapers publish my "Appeal to the Germans." September 10. D'Alton-Shee and Louis Ulbach lunched with us.

The engraving of this cup required the life-work of a man. I gave my sou. D'Alton-Shee, who was present, gave his, as did also M. and Mme. Meurice, and the two servants, Mariette and Clemence. The 17th Battalion wanted to call the gun the "Victor Hugo." I told them to call it the "Strasburg." In this way the Prussians will still receive shots from Strasburg.

M. Berton came. I read to him L'Expiation, which he is to read. M. and Mme. Meurice and d'Alton-Shee were present at the reading. News has arrived that Metz has capitulated and that Bazaine's army has surrendered. Bills announcing the reading of Les Chatiments have been posted. M. Raphael Felix came to tell me the time at which the rehearsal is to take place tomorrow.

I recalled several things to his mind. Rey me serra la main et dit: Baudin est mort... * Representative Baudin was killed on the barricade in the Faubourg Saint Antoine on December 2, 1852, during Louis Bonaparte's coup d'Etat. He burst into tears. September 7. Louis Blanc, d'Alton-Shee, Banville and others came to see me. The women of the Markets brought me a bouquet. September 8.

This evening Pelletan sent his son, Camille Pelletan, to inform me on behalf of the Government that to-morrow's operations will be decisive. December 1. It appears that Louise Michel has been arrested. I will do all that is necessary to have her released immediately. Mme. Meurice is occupying herself about it. She went out this morning for that purpose. D'Alton-Shee came to see me.