The Christ-given power obliterates all traces of the past evil.

That which determines our success or failure in the work of our Lord is our faith. III. Our faith is ever threatened by subtle unbelief. It would appear that the disciples were ignorant of the unbelief that had made them weak. They fancied that they had confidence in their Christ-given power, and they certainly had in some dull kind of fashion expected to succeed in their attempt.

And if so, we have to turn to Bethlehem, and the whole life, and the Cross at its end, as being the Christ-given example and model for our love to our brethren. What do we see there?

The 'glory' which He had given to these poor bewildered Galilaeans was but in a rudimentary stage; but still, wherever there is faith in Him, there is some communication of His life and Spirit, and some of that veiled and yet radiant glory, 'full of grace and truth, which shone through the covering when the Incarnate Word 'became flesh. It is the Christ-given Christ-likeness in each which knits believers into one.

'Why could not we cast him out? They need not have asked the question. 'Why could not you cast him out? Why, because you did not think you could, and with your timid attempt, making an experiment which you were not sure would succeed, provoked the failure which you feared. The Church has never believed enough in its Christ-given power to cast out demons.

It is to be observed that the Apostle here assumes that every Christian possesses, in some form, that grace which gives graces. To him a believing soul without Christ-given gifts is a monstrosity. No one is without some graces, and therefore no one is without some duties.