BRUNO. No hay necesidad de que yo baje ... que su merced se quedó de centinela en la puerta principal de los Basilios, y así con una seña que yo le haga desde aquella ventana con el pañuelo.... DOÑA MATILDE. Con el pañuelo no, que quizá no lo advierta ... toma esta sábana.... BRUNO. Venga. DON EDUARDO. Apretemos otro poco el tornillo.

At intervals we could hear the shrill cries of the guard, "Centinela! alerte!" Then the sound of sweet music, mingled with the soft voices of women, was wafted to our ears, and with beating hearts we fancied we could hear the light tread of silken feet, as they brushed over the polished floor of the ball-room.

As they passed out to sea with ever-increasing speed the forts on either side of the bay fired a farewell salute; and the spectacle of the sun sinking over Monte Bajo and the Centinela Alto, coupled with the lurid flashes of flame and clouds of white smoke from Forts San Antonio, Bueras, Valdivia, and the Citadel, constituted a picture the grandeur of which Jim never forgot.

A sentry upon the azotea, and another by the gate, are deemed sufficient for the ordinary guardianship of the garrison. Ha! the inmates of the Presidio little dream of the enemy that is nigh: "Centinela alerte!" once more screams the watcher upon the wall. "Centinela alerte!" answers the other by the gate.

Objects can no longer be distinguished at the distance of twenty feet. The huge pile of the Presidio, looming against the leaden sky, looks black and gloomy. The sentinel cannot be seen upon the turrets, but at intervals his shrill voice uttering the "Centinela alerte!" tells that he is at his post. His call is answered by the sentinel at the gate below, and then all is silent.