The mysterious amateur who had persistently attempted to turn the supposed near-tragedy into a joke was spitting the Catwhisker's call again. "Fools!" he flashed spitefully. "Goodnight." A Mystery and Cub's "Goat" Cub hastened to his father and gave him a rapid narrative of events as they had been received by wireless. "Well, that's interesting, to say the least," observed Mr.

As good fortune decreed, Hal found Number One in the new list sitting in and listening for anything interesting in the ether. It required only a few short sentences to acquaint this amateur with the object of the Catwhisker's search. "I can tell you just how to find those fellows," he replied. "I listened-in to the best line of detective work on that subject you ever heard of.

Max Handy proved to be a healthy eater and the savory smell of juicy broiled steak from the Catwhisker's refrigerator, loosened even the nervous tension of Mr. Baker's worry over the fate of his son, so that he was able to do fair justice to the cooking of Cub, Hal, and Bud, who had full and joint charge of the preparation of the gastronomic spread.

"Hal Stone!" repeated several in chorus, including the Catwhisker's Hal Stone himself. "Yes, Halstone," reiterated the challenged youth; Frederick Halstone. "Anything funny about that? I'm the reporter from Watertown who was dot-and-dashing with you folks last night.

The little revenue cutter was signaled and in less than fifteen minutes half a dozen men, including Mr. Buckley and Mr. Baker, were on the cabin-runabout which again saucily invaded the retreat of the Catwhisker's "double." The Result of a Radio Hazing The raid was a speedy success.