He had a quick vision of a spread in Life, a title: "I Broke the Russian Spy Ring." His own by-line. "That sounds touchy," he said. "I will tell you where to go and what to do." "I'll have to know more than that." "I will tell you what to do." John Dennis left without saying good-bye. Les King stared at the inner side of the closed door. "Jesus!" he muttered. But the excitement was creeping back.

Science wasn't yet completely under political wraps. For a second, he stopped as he came to a paper bearing his by-line. Then he grimaced it was an old one, just published his attempt to find how the phenomena of poltergeists could be fitted into the conservation of energy, and his final proof that the whole business was sheer rubbish.

It isn't often they get a story like that with the first news of anything, and this'll be a big story." "You shouldn't have given me the exclusive by-line," I said. "You did as much work on it as I did." "No, I didn't, either," he contradicted, "and I knew what I was doing."

Fenris is going to be in the news for a while. You may make some more money writing. That's why I was careful to give you the by-line on that Gerrit story." His pipe had gone out again; he took time out to relight it, and then added: "Anything I spend on this is an investment. The Times will get it back." "Yes, that's another thing; the paper," I said.

A doctor is awarded his diploma; a lawyer is admitted to the bar; a preacher is given a pulpit; an actor rises from understudy to the leading role; a newspaper reporter is given a "by-line" and sees his name over a story for the first time. Under the big head-line.

The only ceremony marking the graduation was when Brennan, leaning over his shoulder as he gazed at his "by-line," said in his ear: "Looks pretty nice, doesn't it?"