We were on the highroad nightly traversed by the London and Yarmouth Royal Mail, and thus, more or less, we had communications with the outer world. Just outside of our village was Benacre Hall, the seat of Sir Thomas Gooch, one of the county members, and I well remember the boyish awe with which I heard that a mob had set out from Yarmouth to burn the place down.

So they rode on through Kessland, which they reached as night was closing in, through Benacre and Wrentham, also past houses in which none seemed to dwell. "Murgh has been here before us, I think," said Dick at length. "Then I hope that we may overtake him," answered Hugh with a smile, "for I need his tidings or his rest. Oh!

All I know is, that Benacre Hall, such as it is, remains; but I can never forget the feeling of terror with which, on those dark and dull winter nights, I looked out of my bedroom window to watch the lurid light flaring up into the black clouds around, which told how wicked men were at their mad work, how fiendish passion had triumphed, how some honest farmer was reduced to ruin, as he saw the efforts of a life of industry consumed by the incendiary’s fire.

It was with pain the Liberals of our little village resolved to vote against our Benacre neighbour, Sir Thomas Gooch, who had long represented the county, but of whom the Radicals spoke derisively as Gaffer Gooch, or the Benacre Bull, and chose in his stead a country squire known as Robert Newton Shaw, utterly unknown in our quarter of the county.

The line from Newcastle, is worked direct to Nylstud, in Russia a distance of 890 miles by means of a "relay" or "repeater," at Gothenburg. The relay is the apparatus at which the Newcastle current terminates, but in ending there it itself starts a fresh current on to Russia. Two cables to Holland: Lowestoft to Zandvoort, laid in 1858 , and from Benacre, Kessingland, to Zandvoort .