"Break 'is bleedin' neck," said Chook as he stepped up. "When I want yer advice, I'll ask fer it," cried Stinky. "Yer'll git it now without askin'," said Chook. "Don't open yer mouth so wide, or yer'll ketch cold." "I don't want ter talk ter anybody as 'awks rotten cabbages through the streets," cried Stinky. "The cabbages don't stink worse than some people I've met," Chook replied.

But about the same time all fear of starvation passed away: for on the 6th June I came across another dead bear, on the 7th three, and thenceforth, in rapidly growing numbers, I met not bears only, but fulmars, guillemots, snipes, Ross's gulls, little awks all, all, lying dead on the ice. And never anywhere a living thing, save me, and the two remaining dogs.

There were we of the Chilcat, and the Sitkas, and the Stickeens who are neighbors to the Skoots, and the Wrangels and the Hoonahs. There were Sundowns and Tahkos from Port Houghton, and their neighbors the Awks from Douglass Channel; the Naass River people, and the Tongas from north of Dixon, and the Kakes who come from the island called Kupreanoff.

All those months the burden of a thought bowed me; and an unanswered question, like the slow turning of a mechanism, revolved in my gloomy spirit: for everywhere around me lay bears, walruses, foxes, thousands upon thousands of little awks, kittiwakes, snow-owls, eider-ducks, gulls-dead, dead.