John Burke, why've you kept us in the dark these months and months? I'm I'm really ashamed of you!" Her plump gloved hands seized Mr. Winship's, while her small, swift, bird- like eyes looked reproach at me. "Patience, Mrs. Baker; patience!" rejoined the Judge. "Is not an engaged man entitled to his secrets? Has it escaped your memory how, once upon a time, you and I ." "There, now, Bake!

But on Monday afternoon in the park or at my house whichever you prefer ... I I'll explain. I give you my word of honor " "No! You've done that before too. Explain! Howc'n you explain? Go on. Try now. Why've you refused to see me? Why " Red stained the girl's cheeks.

Thus her parents found her. Sörine's sharp eyes soon saw that everything was not as it should be. "Why've you got the lantern lit?" asked she, as she unbuttoned her coat. Ditte had to own up, "but I've bought another!" she hastened to add. "Oh and where is it?" said the mother, looking round the room. The next moment Sörine stood in the doorway.

"I've quit down there." "Oh! Somebody else has given you something good eh? That's why you're cocky." "No." "Then why've you quit?" "I wish you could tell me. I don't understand. But I've done it." Gideon puzzled with this a moment, decided that it was beyond him and unimportant, anyhow. He blew out a cloud of smoke, stretched his legs and took up the main subject.