Two irresponsible ladies say Addie and well, Madame Valfier may indeed make differences. "Yes, to Fairholme," continued old Neeld. "We we may see you there now?" Edge looked up with an interested glance. It had occurred to him that he was turning somebody out as well as putting somebody in. "You'll have, of course, to communicate what I have said to to ?

Madame Valfier the Comtesse took the train to Petersburg, reached it that evening, presented the authority early next morning, and was back about midnight that being the 23rd. The next day my brother's death was announced, certified by Migratz, and duly registered as the law of the place required." He drew a paper from his pocket. "This is a copy of the entry, showing death on the 24th."

Even after I had a clew, I found Migratz a tough customer, and for a long time I totally failed to identify Madame Valfier. When, thanks to a series of chances, I did so, it was a shock to me. She was the wife of a man of high position and high reputation.

She passed under the name of Madame Valfier, and she resided in the house adjoining Randolph's. Lady Tristram was not, of course, aware of the relations between her and my brother. I will come now to the time of my brother's death. When he fell ill, he had just completed the sale of one of his Russian properties. Lady Tristram did not, I dare say, speak of the Comtesse's character to you?"

Madame Valfier Comtesse d'Albreville with a little help from Addie Tristram had brought all these things about. The result of Harry's review of them was English enough to satisfy Wilmot Edge himself. "The whole thing makes me look rather an ass, I think," said he. "No doubt you acted impulsively," Edge allowed. It was fully equivalent to an assent. "Good heavens, I'd been brought up to it!