It was so long, indeed, that it might have served even Pale Annie for a cane and it was a plain untapered bar of iron which the blacksmith had given him as the price of a drink, on a day. He needed a large poker, however, for there was only the one stove in the entire big room, and it was a giant of its kind, as capacious as a hogshead.

This proportion of taper is a good one; if the taper be less, or if a portion of the piston rod within the cross head eye be left untapered, as is sometimes the case, it is very difficult to detach the parts from one another. Q. Which is the most beneficial construction of slide valve? A. The best construction of slide valve appears to be that adopted by Messrs.

Its plaza lies a bit higher than the rest of the town, and from it straight streets of one-story houses, all of different slope, flow gently down, to be lost a few blocks away in greenery. The roofs of tile or a long untapered shingle are not flat, as elsewhere, but with a slope for the tropical rains. Patio life is well developed.

§ IX. It is necessary to limit this observation to European architecture, because the Egyptian shaft is often untapered, like the Northern.

Both crouched in wary alarm, spears held for a thrust, if necessary, at the frightful thing approaching them from the near jungle. Thirty feet long, it was, and six feet through, a blunt-ended, untapered serpent that glistened a moist crimson color in the rays of the sun. The trees quaked and rocked as it brushed against them in its deliberate advance.