Centre of body high; head Strong movements and cries as soon disproportionate in size; membrana as born; body clear, red colour, pupillaris present; testicles coated with sebaceous matter; mouth, undescended; deep red colour of nostrils, eyelids, and ears, open; parts of generation; intense red skull somewhat firm, and fontanelles colour, mottled appearance, and not far apart; hair, eyebrows, and downy covering, of skin; nails not nails, perfectly developed; formed; feeble movements; testicles descended; free discharge inability to suck; necessity for of urine and meconium; power of artificial heat; almost unbroken suction, indicated by seizure on the sleep; rare and imperfect nipple or a finger placed in the discharges of urine and meconium; mouth. closed state of mouth, eyelids, and nostrils.

There was also shown in London the pelvic organs from a case of complex or vertical hermaphroditism occurring in a child of nine months who died from the effects of an operation for the radical cure of a right inguinal hernia. The external organs were those of a male with undescended testes. The bladder was normal and its neck was surrounded by a prostate gland.

The child was weak, the testes undescended, and it lived but eighteen days, dying of symptoms of atrophy. The parents were poor, of excellent character, and although, according to the evidence, this pregnancy lasted but twenty-two weeks and two days, there was absolutely no reason to suspect infidelity.

These in the herald's register remain, Their noble mean extraction to explain, Yet who the hero was no man can tell, Whether a drummer or colonel; The silent record blushes to reveal Their undescended dark original.

The scrotum may be normal or split; the testicles, commonly two in number, may be normal or atrophic, descended or undescended; the prostate may be normal or imperfectly developed, as may also the vasa deferentia and vesiculae seminales.