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With a knowledge confined mainly to live- stock, the foremen inquried: "How's your laigs? I like to see 'em hairy, that-a-way; it's a sign of stren'th. I bet this college boy is as pink as a maiden's palm! He don't look to me like he could run." "They fool you sometimes," said Skinner. "By-the-way, what have you bet?" "We laid the phonograph agin their treasures an' trappin's "

An' Maria 'ud cry her eyes out if you'd a-hit the redbird. Your trappin's look like you could shoot. I guess 'twas God made that shot fly the mark. I guess " "If you can stop, for the love of mercy do it!" cried the hunter. His face was a sickly white, his temples wet with sweat, and his body trembling. "I can't endure any more.

A mast step had to be repaired, sails mended, and no end of tinkering before it met with Skipper Zeb's approval. "I never says a thing's good enough unless 'tis right," declared Skipper Zeb. "I likes to have my boats, and fishin' gear and dog trappin's ship shape before I starts to use un. When I stops usin' they I leaves un as right as I can so they'll be ready to use when I needs un again."

"It was a bold and dangerous thing to do, yer honour, but I goes into your room and looks around. Everything seems right. Then I looks and sees that the drawer of the wardrobe ain't quite shut, so I takes a step forward and peeps in." "And what did you see?" "Why, I see the trappin's of that 'ere ghost. The shroud, knife, and all the rest on't." "Well, Simon?"