"Won't dwandma be glad to get some nice sugar plums? I wis I tood det froo dis fence." Through she got, with much squeezing and rending. Tot eyed her torn pinafore, ruefully. "I wis' 'ittle dirl's aprons wouldn't teep tearing on every single fing." "'Pears to me," doubtfully, putting one little foot down on the soft marshy ground, "it is wather wet." Rather wet? Yes, Totchen, very wet.

She sat quite still, till a voice whispered, "Now!" then she sighed a funny little sigh, and said, "Oh I wish I tood go to the ball!" so naturally, that her father clapped frantically, and her mother called out, "Little darling!" These highly improper expressions of feeling caused Cinderella to forget herself, and shake her head at them, saying, reprovingly, "You mustn't 'peak to me."

Gurney was here, and she taid she ood div me a foochoo in a petty 'ittle pot, and dat den I ood have my own fowers, and tood water and tend 'em all myself." "Oh, it is a fuchsia that she is to give you!

A petulamengro hatched yeck divvus at a givescro ker, where the rani del him mass an' tood. While he was hawin' he dicked a kekavi sar chicklo an' bongo, pashall a boro hev adree, an' he putchered, "Del it a mandy an' I'll lel it avree for chichi, 'cause you've been so kushto an' kammoben to mandy."

Yeckorus a tano mush was kellin' kushto pre the boshomengro, an' a kushti dickin rani pookered him, "Tute's killaben is as sano as best-tood." And he rakkered ajaw, "Tute's mui's gudlo sar pishom, an' I'd cammoben to puraben mi tood for tute's pishom." Kushto pash kushto kairs ferridearer.