"Years ago," he continued, "you suffered what the new psychologists call a 'psychic trauma' a soul-wound. You were engaged, but your censored consciousness rejected the manner of life of your fiance. In pique you married Price Maitland. But you never lost your real, subconscious love for another."

"But the threads of the typewriter ribbon, the alignment of the letters, the paper, all the 'fingerprints' of that type-written note of suicide were those of the machine belonging to the man who caused the soul-wound, who knew Madeline Maitland's inmost heart better than herself because he had heard of Freud undoubtedly, when he was in Vienna who knew that he held her real love still, who posed as a patient of Dr.

The great point about the psychanalytic method, as discovered by Breuer and Freud, is that certain symptoms of hysteria disappear when the hidden causes are brought to light and the repressed desires are gratified." "How does that apply to Mrs. Cranston?" I queried. "Mrs. Cranston," he replied, "is suffering from what the psychanalysts call a psychic trauma a soul-wound, as it were.

Another fertile writer says: "Many a child has been driven with a soul-wound into corroding silence by parents who thought they were punishing falsehood when they were in reality repressing the imagination the faculty which master-artists denote as the first and loveliest possession of the creative mind."