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She stated, "Dese Buckners war sho good to me, eben now dey chilluns comes to see me and always bring me something. Dey don let my taxes lapse am I'se neber widout somting to eat." My man and I was married by Mr. Alexander at McClain College. I was de cook an he was the janitor. My man followed his Massa in de Secess War.

Stiffelkind, have you got me a place under Government?" "Yes, and somting better still not only a place, but a uniform: yes, Gaptain Stobbs, a RED GOAT." "A red coat! I hope you don't think I would demean myself by entering the ranks of the army? I am a gentleman, Mr. Stiffelkind I can never no, I never "

Dear sir we are expecting you hup and we would like for you to come so quick as you can for my dater is very sick with a very large sore under her left harm we emenangin that the old is two enchis deep and two enches wide plase com as quick as you can to save life I remains yours truely. Docker Please wel you send me somting for the pain in my feet and what you proismed to send my little boy.

"I know so ver' leettle 'bout such kinds of peoples, señorita," she explained regretfully, her voice low, "de kind vat are good and gentle and vidout vantin' somting for eet. Eet ees not de kinds I meet vis ver' much. Dey be all alike vis me lofe, lofe, lofe, till I get seek of de vord only de one, an' I not know him ver' vell yet. Maybe he teach me vat you mean some day.