It was too big for a seedling and too small for a tree, but well-grown and promising. All the same it must be sacrificed, and down came the axe. But hardly had two or three blows been struck, when a voice was heard, crying out: "Reta! Reta!" Gyuri started and turned round. Who had called? The voice seemed quite close, but no one was visible far and near.

This Government consisted of Albertini, a scoundrel and a blackguard, Reta, and Avezzana. 'I contemplated the state of things with deep interest.

The Yaci Reta, or Island of the Moon, is the ideal haunt of the jaguar, and as we passed it a pair of those royal beasts were playing on the shore like two enormous cats. As they caught sight of us, one leapt into the mangrove swamp, out of sight, and the other took a plunge into the river, only to rise a few yards distant and receive an explosive bullet in his head.

Indeed, one may buy such birds killed by others for food. The word Dwija, however, may mean both hair and nails. The first part of the line, therefore, may be taken as a prohibition against the cutting of hair and nails after eating. The words na samarcha reta, in that case, would be difficult to interpret. Probably, it is this that has led the commentator to take Dwija here for a bird.

Meredith read an address and Reta Crawford recited 'The Piper. The soldiers cheered her like mad and cried 'We'll follow we'll follow we won't break faith, and I felt so proud to think that it was my dear brother who had written such a wonderful, heart-stirring thing.