I'm trying to find out. 'You had much better do some work. 'Maybe; but I'm in no hurry. I've made a discovery. Torp, there's too much Ego in my Cosmos. 'Not really! Is this revelation due to my lectures, or the Nilghai's? 'It came to me suddenly, all on my own account. Much too much Ego; and now I'm going to work.

Binkie. He pitched him on the Nilghai's stomach, as the big man lay at ease, and Binkie pretended to destroy the Nilghai inch by inch, till a sofa cushion extinguished him, and panting he stuck out his tongue at the company. 'The Binkie-boy went for a walk this morning before you were up, Torp.

Dick returned with the big clasped sketch-book that the Nilghai knew well and did not love too much. In it Dick had drawn all manner of moving incidents, experienced by himself or related to him by the others, of all the four corners of the earth. But the wider range of the Nilghai's body and life attracted him most.

Now there was one blank page in the book given over to the sketch that Dick had not drawn of the crowning exploit in the Nilghai's life; when that man, being young and forgetting that his body and bones belonged to the paper that employed him, had ridden over sunburned slippery grass in the rear of Bredow's brigade on the day that the troopers flung themselves at Caurobert's artillery, and for aught they knew twenty battalions in front, to save the battered 24th German Infantry, to give time to decide the fate of Vionville, and to learn ere their remnant came back to Flavigay that cavalry can attack and crumple and break unshaken infantry.

They came from the ends of the earth to attend Nilghai's wedding to an English bride. This shall be an epic. It's a sweet material to work with. 'It's a scandalous waste of time, said Torpenhow. 'Don't worry; it keeps one's hand in specially when you begin without the pencil. He set to work rapidly. 'That's Nelson's Column. Presently the Nilghai will appear shinning up it.