The fun, later on ...!" And he set a good example by taking off his cap and putting on a long face, as the chaplain, sweating just as much under that stifling cope, was fumbling through his book to find the prayer beginning Propitiare Domini supplicationibus nostris et benedic navem istam.... Siñá Tona and tio Mariano on either side of the curate stood with eyes nailed to the ground.

Luke v. 1-11: Factum est autem cum turbae irruereut in eum et ipse stabat secus stagnum Gennesareth: et vidit duas naves.... Ascendens in unam navem quae erat Simonis... dixit ad Simonem, Duc in altum, et laxate retia vestra in capturam. Et cum hoc fecissent concluserunt piscium multitudinem copiosam.... Et impleverunt ambas naviculas ita ut mergerentur.

Ut navem, ut aedificium idem destruit facillime qui construxit, sic hominem eadem optime quae conglutinavit natura dissolvit. Iam omnis conglutinatio recens aegre, inveterata facile divellitur.

Volcatius gives this account of his death: Sed ut Afer sei populo dedit comoedias, Iter hic in Asiam fecit. Navem cum semel Conscendit, visus nunquam est. Sic vita vacat. When Afer had produced six plays for the entertainment of the people, He embarked for Asia; but from the time he went on board ship He was never seen again. Thus he ended his life.

A ferry is set up to transport men over an unfordable river, and it might be truly said that "extra navem nulla salus;" there is no other safe way, speaking generally, of getting over; but the ferryman has got the plague, and if you go in the boat with him, you will catch it and die.