It sounds something like English gone quite mad and the last line, it seems to me, runs rather trippingly and contains something of an idea too, whatever it means: "Al wat er is. Mijn hoop is Christus en zyn bloed. Door deze leer ik en hoop door die het eenwig goed. Ons leven is maar eenen dag, vol ziekten en vol naar geklag. Een schim Eien droom en anders niet."

Det er ikke rimeligt, at den danske overlevering skulde have dels forvansket, dels tabt den mere ægte norske; ti fortællingen om de forfulgte kongesönner er let at huske som et æventyr og vil vanskelig i glemme, naar den först er hört.

This same power is attached to the 'Beste tabbaard' of St. Nicholas, as may be seen from the verse addressed to him: 'Sint Niklaas, goed, heilig man Trek je beste tabberd an Ryd er mee naar Amsterdam Van Amsterdam naar Spanje. The horse Sleipnir, on whose back Woden took his autumn ride through the world, has been converted into the horse of St.

In Forsters edition, this sentence is differently expressed, as follows: "On the nineteenth they came to a town called Naas, or Naar, near which several Zeijids, or descendants of Mahomet, are settled, at a place named Termed". E. This name Kabul is evidently a mistake for Kamul, Khamul, Khamil, Kamyl, or Chamil; called Hami by the Chinese. Astl.

If the last Trump sounded I don't believe it would wake. Nobody would wake! The chaps up there in the churchyard they'd just turn over and say: 'Naar you don't catch us, you don't! See?.... Well, you'll find the stocks just round that corner." He watched me out of sight. So I never heard what they said about my father after all.