You've gained a certain poise and ease at the expense of of I don't know what, but something that I liked better. Down there at home you were just a plain darky. Up here you are trying to be like me, and you are colored." "Of co'se, Mistah Ma'ston," said Silas politely, but deprecatingly, "the worl' don't stan' still." "Platitudes the last straw!" exclaimed Mr. Marston tragically.

Buckner, "that you are the pusson Mistah Ma'ston spoke to the p'op'ietor about?" "Yes, suh, I reckon I is. He p'omised to git me a job up hyeah, an' I got yo' lettah " here Silas, who had set his bundle on the floor in coming into the Presence, began to fumble in his pockets for the letter.

How'd you like to go up to the Springs, Si, and work in a hotel?" The very thought of going to such a place, and to such work, fired the boy's imagination, although the idea of it daunted him. "I'd like it powahful well, Mistah Ma'ston," he replied.

"Yes, suh, I's gwine up thaih to wo'k in a hotel. Mistah Ma'ston, he got me the job." The old man reined in his horse slowly, and deposited the liquid increase of a quid of tobacco before he said; "I hyeah tell it's powahful wicked up in dem big cities." "Oh, I reckon I ain't a-goin' to do nuffin wrong. I's goin' thaih to wo'k."

I hope you're not advertising for any of the Richmond tailors. They're terrible Jews, you know." "You see, a man has to be neat aroun' the hotel, Mistah Ma'ston." "Whew, and you've developed dignity, too. By the Lord Harry, if I'd have made that remark to you about a year and a half ago, there at the cabin, you'd have just grinned. Ah, Silas, I'm afraid for you. You've grown too fast.