I suppose you thought it was m-money I wanted, but no it's not that, I wanted to say good-by because you see I'm g-going away to-night!" "Going away, Ronald?" she repeated, sinking to her knees beside the rickety couch, for he had fallen back there as though overcome by sudden weakness. "Dear boy, where are you going and why?"

Oh! egad, I'm an object lesson! point a moral and adorn a tale, beware of p-prodigality and m-money lenders. Shackled shackled hand and foot, and must drag my chain until I f-fall into a debtor's grave." "No!" cried Barnabas, so suddenly that Ronald Barrymaine started, and thereafter grew very high and haughty.

"I don't see how you can laugh about it," said Grace, through chattering teeth. "I don't think it would be any j-joke to have all our m-money taken from us " "Sh-h be quiet," warned Betty, peeping again through the slit in the curtain. "Somebody's coming. Listen!" Grace listened, and so, evidently, did every one else in the car.

Left alone with the disciple of Bacchus and Beelzebub, the editor said: "Better get home, Severance. Come in to-morrow, will you?" "No. I'm q-quite in earnest about resigning. No further use for the damned j-job now." "I never could see why you had any use for it in the first place. Was it money?" "Of course." "Oh, I see." "You d-don't see at all. I wanted the m-money for a purpose.