Conshns whispers to me, 'Jeams, you'r hony a footman in disguise hafter all." "28th. Been to the Hopra. Music tol lol. That Lablash is a wopper at singing. I coodn make out why some people called out 'Bravo, some 'Bravar, and some 'Bravee. 'Bravee, Lablash, says I, at which heverybody laft. "I'm in my new stall. I've had new cushings put in, and my harms in goold on the back.

But, in due season, "Br Nathanael held evening prayer and then we slept in the care of Jesus," with Brother Gottlob as usual in his hammock. Three days later the record runs: "Toward evening we saw Jeams River, the road to it ran down so very steep a hill that we fastened a small tree to the back of our wagon, locked the wheels, and the Brethren held back by the tree with all their might."

"Here a message comin' through, boys," announces the Lance-Corporal. "They're in a sair hurry: I doot the officer will be there. Jeams, tak' it doon while Sandy reads it." Mr. James M'Micking seats himself upon a convenient log.

Ma Jeams left me a wee bit siller, but it's no enough gin a wes pit oot in the warld, an' if Wully slips awa' ah canna say whit'll happen so ah must look for a hame, ye ken. An' there's this ane ah kin have." She tossed her head towards the receding farm-house. The coquettish all-sufficient air was returning. "Oh, yes; but, Auntie Jinit," said Elizabeth very gently, "you know he Mr.