"Right-o!" confirmed Dray, in another moment. "The spray mixed with the gas dashed over into the air in-take valve. Moral, go slow, for water sometimes is fatal, even in a good cause!" "Shame to spoil the race," said Ed; "we were just warming up." "It's all right," commented Denny, "and a good lesson. I never knew myself that too much speed would do the like of that.

Such a room as this, unless very poorly built, would not permit the in-take of sufficient air for the draft of a big fireplace, whereas in our slab cabin or log bungalow the conditions are quite different. For the ordinary room, therefore, a fair average size for the fireplace opening is three feet in width by two and a half feet high, with a depth half the width.

A bursting of either of the reservoirs was quite out of the question; at any rate the abbé so assured me, and certainly the crater looked strong enough to hold all the water in the Andes, could it have been got therein, while the lower reservoir was so shallow the out-flow and the loss by evaporation being equal to the in-take that even if the banks were to give way no great harm could be done.

It proved a great way as he contrived it. Striking across town to one of the quieter avenues they paced block after block in the teeth of a wind which smacked of salt. At length Shelby brought their steps to a right about and headed for their destination, just short of which his charge abruptly halted with an hysterical in-take of breath. "Not yet," she protested. "I can't go in yet.