"Like a turtle?" I said. "Yes, my lad," he continued, "a great flat-bodied turtle, that might have been thirty or forty foot long and half as much across, while it had a great neck like a swan." "But what made you think it was like that?" I asked.

A man with a blood-sucking flat-bodied flying squirrel, concealing itself among his clothing and gliding and dodging all over his body with so much artifice and rapidity as to defeat all efforts made to capturo it or knock it off, would be a case parallel to that of the bird-fly on the small bird.

Red cattle, black cattle, spotted and dingy white, with bandy-legged, flat-bodied calves keeping close to their mothers, kicking up their heels in sheer joy of their new life when the pace slowed a little, seeking a light lunch whenever the cows stopped to cast a wary glance back at their pursuer.

Then came the large, short, flat-bodied, pointed-tailed fellows, some blue, some olive-green. Late in the season, affecting the damp spots of the common among the furze bushes more than the pond, came the largest long-bodied flies, which hawked to and fro over the same ground, and played havoc among their prey.

From what do they flee thus perpetually? Is it from the giant sawfish or the ravening shark? from the herds of the porpoises, or from the grande-ecaille, that splendid monster whom no net may hold, all helmed and armored in argent plate-mail? or from the hideous devilfish of the Gulf, gigantic, flat-bodied, black, with immense side-fins ever outspread like the pinions of a bat, the terror of luggermen, the uprooter of anchors?

The stoker with the red nose stood there like a king; he drank from a flat-bodied flask, and from time to time he handled the valves, sending forth a loud, imperious bellowing like a tamer of wild beasts. And then the big wheel began to turn surr, surr, surr always quicker and quicker.