One does not hate as long as one disesteems, but only when one esteems equal or superior. Ye Utilitarians ye, too, love the UTILE only as a VEHICLE for your inclinations, ye, too, really find the noise of its wheels insupportable! One loves ultimately one's desires, not the thing desired. The vanity of others is only counter to our taste when it is counter to our vanity.

Well we are instructed early to keep these men at distance. An undesigning open heart, where it is loth to disoblige, is easily drawn in, I see, to oblige more than ever it designed. It is too apt to govern itself by what a bold spirit is encouraged to expect of it. It is very difficult for a good-natured young person to give a negative where it disesteems not.

In that hour the laws will again be reconciled with national feeling and popular reverence. In that hour there will be no more disesteem, or hatred, or contempt for the laws: for, howsoever a people may dislike and resent laws imposed upon them against their will by a subjugating power, no nation disesteems the laws of its own making.

It is a sure mark of narrowness and defective powers of perception to fail to discover the point of view even of what one disesteems.